We are the top bankruptcy law firm in the state and the numerous testimonials of our clients are the best proof of it.  Not only do we file more cases in the state of Oklahoma than any other firm but we care for our clients and we work hard to give you the results you need to start a new life without the stress and worry of unbearable debt.

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Clif GoodingAs an Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney helping everyday people climb out of crushing debt, I have seen many different financial predicaments walk through my door. The constant through all of these is the hard-working Oklahomans' desire to do the right thing.

Many clients humbly admit to putting off filing bankruptcy because of shame and embarrassment. That they almost didn’t make that trip to my office, but instead almost returned back home. That is why I feel it my duty as a bankruptcy attorney here in Oklahoma to address the issue of bankruptcy as a moral failing.

Filing bankruptcy is not something people try “to get away with.” Filing Bankruptcy is not a sign of moral degeneracy, instead, it is a LEGAL AND LAWFUL proceeding to help everyday people within our society handle the curveballs life has thrown that they just can’t hit. Secondly, filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a way to “cheat” your creditors. The reason lending institutions exist in the first place is to provide funds that are inherently at risk of not being paid back. If there was no risk to lending money there would be no need for the institutions in the first place.

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I just wanted to thank you and the people from Gooding Law firm for helping me through this ruff time in my life. I would not have been able to go through it without you folks. Believe me when I say that if anyone I know asks about a law firm for help you will be the first word out of my mouth. Again thank you very much.
J. F.

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