Auto Repossession

For many families, their car is their only mode of transportation and without it, life’s day-to-day tasks can quickly become daunting. If you work outside of the home, having reliable transportation to work is a necessity in order to be a reliable employee.  Even if you work from home you likely need a car or truck to take your kids to school, go shopping, run errands, or go to appointments. Losing your vehicle to repossession can jeopardize your livelihood if you become unable to make it to work or are consistently late.

When you buy or lease an item on credit, you are obligated to make consistent payments for that item. If you fail to meet these payments, a creditor can seek legal action to repossess the item, even after only one missed payment.

Behind on payments and worried about your car being repossessed?

Repossessions in Oklahoma most often happen with cars and trucks, but motorcycles, RVs, and boats can be repossessed if payments are not made. Repossessions often come with little warning and seizures can take place at almost any time.

  • Agents cannot enter your home uninvited to recover property, such as a vehicle located in a garage, but they can repossess your car from your driveway, a parking lot, or your place of work.
  • Repo agents are not allowed to breach the peace or use violence in order to recover the property.
  • Repossession can happen at any time of day or night and often happens during the night to avoid breaching the peace.
  • No court hearing is necessary nor does the repossession agency need to notify you before they come to recover a vehicle (or other item being repossessed).

If your lender is harassing or threatening you with repossession or you are worried about your vehicle being repossessed it is important to take action before it happens. Filing for bankruptcy may provide you with protection from having your vehicle repossessed but it needs to be done prior to the vehicle being recovered.

If are under the threat of repossession, or had an item repossessed, you need to discuss your options with an Oklahoma repossession attorney.

How can I avoid having my vehicle repossessed?

The most common form of repossession relief is the filing of bankruptcy. Depending on your financial situation, you may file for either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When an individual files for bankruptcy, the court orders all repossessions and debt collections to halt. This is called an “order of relief.” Individuals are given a specific period of time to reorganize their debt and establish a new payment plan for all of their debts.

We can also pursue negotiations with your creditors or bank. A new payment plan can be negotiated for certain individuals, so consistent payments can once again be made. Our law firm can help you fight any repossession. We can review your case to determine whether bankruptcy, negotiations, or other options are available to you. Regardless of choice, our law firm will fight aggressively for your rights and best interests.

We are prepared to take legal action on your behalf. Fighting repossession requires a skilled law firm with years of experience.

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