Our Guarantee

While we don’t guarantee exact or specific results in your case, there are a number of guarantees that we offer you.

We Guarantee

  • The highest quality of legal services. You can be sure that all legal work from The Gooding Law Firm will be of the highest caliber. If you ever find anything that does not meet your needs or expectations, please bring it to our attention. We will correct the situation immediately.
  • We will answer your telephone call at any time during regular office hours as long as we are in the office and available to talk with you. Understand however that much of the time we may be unavailable due to court appearances, client meetings, and working on client cases. If you leave me a message, we promise to return your telephone call within 24 hours except for weekends. For a positive, productive lawyer-client relationship, we must communicate openly and freely with one another.
  • Any email you send us during regular office hours will be answered the same day. We check our email many times each day whether we are in the office or away from the office. We prefer to communicate with clients by email because that has proven to be the quickest, most efficient, most thorough, and least intrusive.
  • The best possible service. If you have an important matter, we urge you not to wait until the last minute to contact us. We have many clients with open and active cases that we are working on at all times and generally, it is not possible for us to immediately drop what we are working on to respond to an “emergency.” Therefore each client must give us adequate notice of any potential problem related to their case.
  • The fee we quote you. No one likes financial surprises. That is why for every possible legal matter in your case we have provided you with a written fee agreement. No matter how long it takes, you will never be charged more than is set forth in our written Agreement.
  • To meet all deadlines. Few things are as frustrating as deadlines that are not met. A missed deadline can do a lot to undermine a good lawyer-client relationship. What’s more, we want you to know that you can count on what we tell you. So we guarantee to complete all promised work on time. At the same time, we expect you to promptly return all of our telephone calls, promptly respond to all of our emails, promptly provide all documents that we or a bankruptcy trustee may request, be on time for all scheduled appointments with us and all court hearings, comply with all directives of the bankruptcy trustee and judge, and to otherwise be cooperative in the day-to-day workings of your case.
  • You will always receive the highest level of personal care and attention. If you do not receive the personal care and attention that you want, nothing else matters because no one likes to be thought of as just another case. When you become our client, we want you to feel like you are treated better than family. We are here to serve you. We are not perfect and will make mistakes. Therefore, we encourage you to bring to my attention any mistakes you become aware of so that we can correct them.
  • To communicate with you regarding every important matter in your case. You deserve to be kept current on the progress of your case so we will provide you a copy of every document that we produce or receive regarding your case at your request. We will not settle or resolve any matter without your prior consent or subject to your final consent and approval. Good communication is the key to a good relationship between lawyer and client. We intend to do everything we can to make sure that your relationship with us is the best you have ever had or ever will have with a lawyer or law firm. But communication is a two-way street and therefore you, in turn, must communicate with us about any problems you may have with your case, including Chapter 13 plan payments, ongoing mortgage payments, or contact from creditors or collection agencies.
  • If you have not filed another bankruptcy case within the last twelve months that was dismissed, the filing of a new bankruptcy case will automatically stop all foreclosures, repossessions, court proceedings (except for criminal prosecutions), garnishments, threats, telephone calls, collection calls, bills, statements, demand letters, and general creditor harassment.