Can I Afford Bankruptcy

If you are thinking about bankruptcy, then we know you are concerned about how much it will cost. During your free consultation, your bankruptcy attorney will review your situation, your debts, your assets, and tell you what your fee will be. Your bankruptcy attorney will also help you figure out how to pay the fee.

Contacting us is your first step to a fresh start through bankruptcy. Your exact fee will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

We keep our fees affordable and competitive. You will talk to your lawyer when you call, and we will be with you throughout the process.

Your Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney has the experience you need. At The Gooding Law Firm, our attorneys will be thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable. Your attorney will also be available to answer your questions from the day you come in until the process is complete. That is an exceptional value.

Call us at (405) 948-1978 or 866-296-9179 to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer about your situation so you can start your path toward a brighter future.