Don’t Be Embarrassed to Talk About Bankruptcy

by Susanne Robicsek, North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney

There are some things we don’t talk about, and financial problems are one of those things. Talking about your financial problems is embarrassing. That embarrassment keeps a lot of people from seeking professional help. After all, it is really hard to tell someone that you can’t quite get a handle on your bills.

Often it is easier to talk to a complete stranger, than someone you know. That is what makes online or phone-based credit counseling services so popular. People never have to face the person that is “helping” them.   Beware of these online or over-the-phone credit counseling agencies.  They normally look at how to try to repay some of your bills, can’t help with all of them, and there is no guarantee that your creditors will work with them.  Many spend thousands of dollars trying to settle their debts, only to face bankruptcy when the debt management program fails to pay off the debts.   Sometimes people get further into debt, are sued by creditors who don’t want to participate, or use their money to pay the program only to fall behind on their mortgage, car, or utilities.

If you are having trouble paying your bills, you are not alone. Experts say most Americans are just a paycheck or two away from foreclosure and/or bankruptcy. No one plans their life intending to go bankrupt, and no one who filed will say that they wanted to do it. Good people file for bankruptcy. Hardworking people file for bankruptcy. Most people who file for bankruptcy say they tried everything they could to avoid bankruptcy and would never have taken that final step if they had any other place to turn.

Don’t be embarrassed to talk to someone about bankruptcy, but make sure that the person you speak to is experienced and has your best interest at heart. Attorneys are professionals and have seen situations like yours before. So many say that once they learn what bankruptcy is and how it works, it isn’t like they thought it would be. That doesn’t mean it is something anyone should do without serious thought and consideration, but people are surprised at how much it can help, and also that it can help people pay back their debts if they get help soon enough. Many say that they feel better once they speak to an attorney and see that there is help and that other people are having the same problems.

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